We acknowledge that water and wastewater treatment is a dynamic industry which evolves as the needs of the world change. It is therefore important for us to grow as a company and continue to be innovative in the services we offer. In this regard, TruSense has a technology division that is actively pursuing and forming collaborations with similar organizations to either develop technology and/or promote the adoption of technology in the following areas:

The world is predicted to run short of phosphorus which is a key element in fertilizer by 2050, hence recovery of this essential element is critical and driving growth in this area. Technology development is at early adoption and embryonic stages with room for growth.
The ever increasing cost of energy as well as shortages is driving the need for energy conserving technologies as well as technologies that generate green energy. Also the world is recognizing the bed to reduce green-house gas emissions Key are technologies that generate biofuels and beneficially use biosolids which would otherwise be considered as waste to generate biofuels e.g. wastewater sludge, agricultural and industrial waste and other cellulosic biomass.
Automation of process operation and control is a growing area and there is a need for software with mathematical models that can be used to accurately optimize & control process performance. This improves compliance with ever tightening environmental regulations as well as performance of treatment facilities.
Freshwater resources are under pressure due to increase in population and climate change. Re-use of wastewater is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Innovative, efficient, economic and sustainable technologies that can treat wastewater to reusable standards are and will continue to be in high demand.