Dr Eustina Musvoto

PhD, P.Eng Managing Director Email: emusvoto@trusense-eu.com

Eustina obtained her MSc and PhD degrees in engineering specialising in Wastewater Treatment from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She also holds an MSc Management (Sloan Fellowship) from London Business School. With over 20 years working experience as a consulting engineer in the wastewater industry, Eustina has designed wastewater treatment processes and managed a wide range of projects from conventional systems to sophisticated Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) activated sludge plants and associated sludge handling and treatment facilities. Her area of expertise is the development and application of mathematical models for both process design and optimisation of biological wastewater treatment plants. She has applied this expertise to many client projects resulting in substantial savings in capital and operating costs. Eustina is the founder of TruSense and has been Managing Director since 2007. Prior to that she was a Director and Board Member of Ninham Shand Consulting Engineers in South Africa. She has worked on projects in Africa, Europe and North America. Her international experience and expertise has allowed her to keep abreast with developments in the dynamic field of wastewater treatment.


Jerry Elvin

(BSc Hons; Dip Ind Std)

Jerry obtained his degree at Loughborough University in Industrial Chemistry and joined a major international sugar company, traveling all over the world designing and commissioning unit operations within the cane sugar industry. Over the past 17 years he has been utilizing his knowledge of clarification and adsorption techniques accumulated within the sugar industry and applying them to the water industry. He was a major force in introducing a unique adsorption media to the water industry within the UK, which is now used in many small water treatment plants to remove colour and heavy metals. He has been actively involved in the design and commissioning of the small potable water treatment plants within the UK and can now apply his UK knowledge to that obtained while traveling around the world, to design and commission appropriate potable water solutions for developing and developed world applications.

Jerry brings to TruSense the potable water expertise that allows us to give holistic practical solutions to our clients.

Laurie Reynolds

(BSc Eng. C. Eng.)

Laurie Reynolds is a Chartered Systems Engineer; he spent 30 years with Thames Water, the largest water utility in UK, as an automation and asset management specialist. Subsequent to Thames Water he worked as a consultant in pumping, pipelines and process optimisation, and Technical Director of a new start-up company developing a unique model-based condition monitoring system for critical motor-driven applications such as pumps. He was also responsible for development of asset management and standards for critical power systems in a major UK telecommunications company.

Laurie set up Aquamatix in 2011 to complete the work he began in Thames to try to introduce reusable, modular, reusable standard software for water management. This led to a position where he recognised the potential of Internet of Things in 2012 and developed the WaterWorX platform which is Aquamatix’s flagship SaaS service.

Aquamatix is a partner to TruSense on smart water networks projects.

Peter Dodge

Peter Dodge is a businessman, philanthropist, and angel investor who is committed to contributing to the solutions to climate change issues.  He has a degree in Urban Land Economics and has been a municipal counsellor, commercial developer, start-up specialist, business broker, residential realtor, and Angel investor for disruptive technology innovations. As CEO of PCS Technologies, he has worked for the development and de-risking of this profitable Waste to Energy recycling technology and looks forward to its future market success.

Peter brings to TruSense his broad international business experience and will assist TruSense in expanding the PCS technology to sub Saharan Africa.

Alexis Fosse

(BSc Chemistry)

Alexis received her BSc Chemistry degree from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. She has worked in the renewable energy field for over 30 years.   After graduation, Alexis was employed at the Energy Institute in the Department of Physics at Simon Fraser University, where her research focused on cadmium selenide semiconductor liquid junction photovoltaic cells and electro chromic semiconductor – liquid junction Alexis is currently Director of Research at PCS Biofuels Inc. and the representative of Eve Research Inc. on the Board of PCS Biofuels Inc. Alexis is a specialist consultant and adviser on PCS related projects.


We welcome employment inquiries from bright, innovative, dedicated engineering professionals with a background in water and wastewater treatment. If you have the attitude and the professional skills in the industry please email hr@trusense-eu.com with a cover letter and CV explaining in detail your experience and career goals.

We will respond to those candidates we may have an immediate need for and will hold resumes in our files for future consideration should they be the skill sets we are looking for.

Thank you. We appreciate your interest in TruSense.