Wastewater Treatment

We cover all aspects of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment as well as associated biosolids generated from these activities. Our engineers and scientists have extensive experience gained from working in different global environments. This international exposure enables us to not only keep abreast with global perspectives in wastewater treatment but also offer our clients world-class but cost-effective solutions. Our technical expertise and capabilities enable us to deliver high quality services in the following areas:

  • Feasibility Studies and Strategy Development
  • Process and Detailed Engineering Design
  • Process Audits, Optimization & Mathematical Modelling
  • Energy Efficiency and Resource Recovery
  • Biosolids and Waste Handling Treatment, Beneficial use and Disposal

Potable Water Treatment

“Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink” Samuel Taylor Potable water is fast becoming a scarce resource hence in addition to our wastewater treatment services we also offer potable water treatment services. We therefore encourage our clients to incorporate water recycling and reuse into their designs as much as possible. Our consultants have a wide range of experience in the treatment of water to potable standards and for industrial use. We offer a range of consultancy services relating to feasibility studies, design, installation, refurbishment and replacement of water treatment plants. These services cover both conventional designs and the use of low cost specialist ion adsorption media to treat problematic waters to acceptable standards.

Energy Efficiency

The challenges of continually rising energy costs, increasing population and urbanization, climate change as well as stricter potable water and wastewater standards have made energy management one of the most prominent issues facing the water and wastewater sector worldwide. Most utilities now consider energy management a top priority and are seeking technologies and solutions that integrate energy efficiency (both conservation and generation) at their wastewater treatment facilities. We have assisted clients achieve energy efficiency at energy intensive biological nutrient removal activated sludge wastewater treatment facilities while ensuring compliance with often very stringent final effluent regulatory requirements. Our expertise in this area covers:

  • Energy audits and benchmarking
  • Evaluation and design of feasible energy conservation measuresand energy generation processes through advanced modelling
  • Energy management programs strategy development and setup
  • Measurement and monitoring of energy management programs

Training and Knowledge Transfer

The TruSense team of Professional Engineers and Scientists has more than 40 years of combined most current experience in the fields of wastewater and water process engineering. We therefore provide knowledge transfer services to our clients through training in the following areas:

  • Short courses in wastewater treatment, process optimisation and modelling
  • In-house process engineer training
  • Process operator training
  • Treatment plant operator training